Subdomain enumeration,Web scraping, finding usernames, and more at the fingertip for the user are all features of this OSINT framework project in Python, previously known as Profounder.Still under development


cd PyOsint
pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Usage :

python3 [OPTIONS]

Command Line Utilization Information.

There are mainly two sub-commands in the script

Arguments Shot
find -f To search for a user name from specific Web sites.
scrap -s For scrapping url from a website.
enum -e to count the number of subdomains on a website(enumeration)

python3 find

python3 scrap

python3 enum

By giving the above options as argument, it will generate an interactive shell which you can work with for the corresponding functions. Entering the input "help" shows all of the following build commands.

Commands Functionality
show for displaying options.
set for defining values for the inbuild variables.
run for activating the program with specified variables.
clear for erasing the screen.
help to show help option in the module

Enumeration module utilitzation Information:

These are all the commands and arguments for the Enum functionality operations .

Commands Arguments Description
set domain Use this domain name to enumerate subdomains.
- bruteforce Toggle the brute force mode on and off
- ports Check/Filter subdomain results for open ports
- verbose Switches between verbose and non-verbose modes(realtime results)
- threads Specify the amount of brute force threads to use
- engines Provide a list of search engines separated by commas.
- output Save the results to a text file
- banner Toggle on/off between ascii art
help Display the help menu
show To display "set" options
run To activate script
clear To clear screen

The project is still in development and will be added with additional functionality.
Happy to hear suggestions for improvement.

License :

Pyosint is licensed under the GNU GPL license. take a look at the LICENSE for more information

Update informations

Update on 18-8-21:

Rewritten the code completely ,Improved interface

Update on 20-8-21:

Subdomain enumeration module (enum) has been added, which is a modified version of Sublist3rv2