An Simple PHP Webshell Manager


Shellmon is a tool used to create and control a webshell remotely, created using the Python3 programming language using the “Object Oriented” method. The resulting webshell has been coded very simply and has a size of no more than 80 bytes.
It provides an interactive shell in your terminal that makes it easy for you to create or control a webshell.


The installation process of this tool is quite easy, it does not use an external python modules that makes your computer’s storage space a bit filled.

Please download this repository or you can also clone the repository using git by typing the following command in your terminal:

git clone

after that move the pre-work directory in your terminal to the *shellmon directory.


Simple interactive shell commands make it easy to run this tool.

type python in the terminal screen to display the help command.

If you want to generate a new webshell, you just need to type this command in the terminal

python -p yourpassword --generate

webshell files will be automatically saved in your current pre-employment directory, filenames will be auto-generated with number format 0-9 and use .php extension.

Content webshell:


Furthermore, if you want to connect your uploaded webshell to the target server, you just need to type this command on the terminal screen

python -u -p yourpassword

display if successfully connected
you can also customize PHP shell functions by using the --func [function] argument, by default the function used is system.


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