Unofficial TikTok API in Python

This is an unofficial api wrapper for in python. With this api you are able to call most trending and fetch specific user information as well as much more.

Getting Started

To get started using this api follow the instructions below.

How to support the project

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  • Feel free to tip the project using the brave browser
  • Submit PRs for issues :)


If you run into an issue please check the closed issues on the github. You're most likely not the first person to experience this issue. If nothing works feel free to open an issue.

pip install TikTokApi
python -m playwright install

If you would prefer a video walk through of setting up this package I created a YouTube video just for that.

If you're on MacOS you may need to install XCode Developer Tools

Docker Installation

Clone this repository onto a local machine then run the following commands.

docker build . -t tiktokapi:latest
docker run -v TikTokApi --rm tiktokapi:latest python3

Note this assumes your script is named and lives in the root of this directory.

Common Issues

Please don't open an issue if you're experiencing one of these just comment if the provided solution do not work for you.

  • Browser Has no Attribute - make sure you ran python3 -m playwright install, if your error persists try the playwright quickstart guide and diagnose issues from there.

Quick Start Guide

Here's a quick bit of code to get the most recent trending on TikTok. There's more examples in the examples directory.

from TikTokApi import TikTokApi
api = TikTokApi.get_instance()
results = 10

# Since TikTok changed their API you need to use the custom_verifyFp option. 
# In your web browser you will need to go to TikTok, Log in and get the s_v_web_id value.
trending = api.by_trending(count=results, custom_verifyFp="")

for tiktok in trending:
    # Prints the id of the tiktok


To run the example scripts from the repository root, make sure you use the module form of python the interpreter

python -m examples.get_trending

Here's an example of what a TikTok dictionary looks like.


You can find the documentation here (you'll likely just need the TikTokApi section of the docs), I will be making this documentation more complete overtime as it's not super great right now, but better than just having it in the readme!