rewise is an unofficial wrapper for google search's auto-complete feature. It can be installed with pip as follows:

python -m pip install rewise


rewise library has 4 public functions:

  1. raw - raw response
  2. revise - parsed data
  3. correct - corrected query
  4. complete - suggested queries

All of these functions have a required argument q (query) and an optional argument lang (language in ISO 693 format).


This function returns the original responses returned by Google.

>>> raw('new yerk')
[[['new york', 46, [433, 10, 275], {'zh': 'New York', 'zi': 'City in New York State', 'zp': {'gs_ssp': 'eJzj4tTP1TcwijeyMDNg9OLISy1XqMwvygYAOpEF8g'}, 'zs': ''}], ['new <b>york</b><b> time</b>', 0, [433, 10]], ['new <b>york</b><b> time now</b>', 0, [433, 10]], ['new york movie', 46, [433, 10], {'zh': 'new york movie', 'zi': 'New York — 2009 film', 'zp': {'gs_ssp': 'eJzj4tLP1TcwycqpKEsyYPTiy0stV6jML8pWyM0vy0wFAH_ZCWI'}, 'zs': ''}], ['new <b>york</b><b> zip code</b>', 0, [10]], ['new <b>york</b><b> temperature</b>', 0, [433, 10]], ['new <b>york</b><b> full movie</b>', 0, [10]], ['new york university', 46, [433, 10], {'zh': 'New York University', 'zi': 'Private university in New York City, New York', 'zp': {'gs_ssp': 'eJzj4tDP1TdIKk_LM2D0Es5LLVeozC_KVijNyyxLLSrOLKkEAKCPCvo'}, 'zs': ''}], ['new <b>york</b><b> movie download</b>', 0, [10]], ['new york stock exchange', 46, [433, 199, 175, 10], {'zh': 'New York Stock Exchange', 'zi': 'Stock broker · 11 Wall St, New York, NY, USA', 'zp': {'gs_ssp': 'eJzj4tDP1TcwTSnKMGC0UjWosLBMNjJNNDQztLQwSLFINLQyqLBMNTW3NE8xTbS0MDQ3MEzxEs9LLVeozC_KViguyU_OVkitSM5IzEtPBQDv-RXn'}, 'zs': ''}]], {'o': 'new <sc>york</sc>', 'p': 'new <se>yerk</se>', 'q': '4ReAWeajJ1mTkjJFwqVFPnAZlMc'}]```


This function returns a parsed version of the raw response only containing the fields that the author of this library considers useful. Here's an explanation of the fields

  • corrected corrected query, if possible.
  • completed suggested queries by Google, if any.
  • str suggested query e.g. new york
  • fmt suggested query, but formatted e.g. New York
  • img image associated with the suggestion, if any. e.g.
  • info additional information about the suggestion e.g. City in New York State
>>> revise('new yerk')
{'corrected': 'new york', 'completed': [{'str': 'new york time', 'fmt': '', 'img': '', 'info': ''}, {'str': 'new york', 'fmt': 'New York', 'img': '', 'info': 'City in New York State'}, {'str': 'new york time now', 'fmt': '', 'img': '', 'info': ''}, {'str': 'new york movie', 'fmt': 'new york movie', 'img': '', 'info': 'New York — 2009 film'}, {'str': 'new york zip code', 'fmt': '', 'img': '', 'info': ''}, {'str': 'new york capital', 'fmt': '', 'img': '', 'info': ''}, {'str': 'new york full movie', 'fmt': '', 'img': '', 'info': ''}, {'str': 'new york university', 'fmt': 'New York University', 'img': '', 'info': 'Private university in New York City, New York'}, {'str': 'new york temperature', 'fmt': '', 'img': '', 'info': ''}, {'str': 'new york movie download', 'fmt': '', 'img': '', 'info': ''}]}


This function returns the search query corrected by Google.

>>> correct('new yerk')
'new york'


This function returns auto-completed search queries suggested by Google.

>>> complete('new yerk')
['new york time', 'new york', 'new york time now', 'new york movie', 'new york zip code', 'new york capital


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