Skeleton Merger

Skeleton Merger, an Unsupervised Aligned Keypoint Detector. The paper is available at

Update Aug. 6th: The point cloud visualizer is now released! See

A map of the repository

  • The merger/pointnetpp folder contains the Pytorch Implementation of PointNet and PointNet++ repository with some minor changes. It is adapted to make compatible relative imports.
  • The merger/ file contains an efficient implementation of proposed Composite Chamfer Distance (CCD).
  • The merger/ file is for data loading and preprocessing.
  • The merger/ file contains the Skeleton Merger implementation.
  • The root folder contains several scripts for training and testing.

Usage of script files

Usage of the script files, together with a brief description of data format, are available through the -h command line option.


The ShapeNetCore.v2 dataset used in the paper is available from the Point Cloud Datasets repository.