Ancen Lyu’s repository for cogs18 final project:
MDD (maladaptive daydreaming) is a common but often ignored psychological disease. It’s definition is ‘A person regularly experiences daydreams that are intense and highly distracting.’

MDD’s common symptoms include: spending hours for daydreaming without doing anything, academic performance and social activities affected by daydreaming, can’t distinguish from reality and fantasy etc.

In real diagnosis, this disease is almost always confused with schizophrenia. However, it should be a totally different disease from schizophrenia due to some unique symptoms.

I wrote this screening test using a form of chatbot as a primary screening for MDD. The user should answer four Y/N questions about the classic symptoms of MDD, and they will get an output about their risks of having MDD. If their risks of having MDD is high, further diagnosis may be needed. Thus, this program serve as a primary screening that targets some potential MDD patients.

This project is composed of two modules: a function module containing the major functions used for screening MDD and a test module containing three test functions. To execute this program, just run the MDD_screening_test.ipynb


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