Animefetch – v0.0.3

An anime command-line system information tool written in python.


Animefetch is an anime command-line system information tool written in python. It allows you to display information about your system in a minimal and aesthetic way, acompained by a cute anime ASCII art!


Only tested in Windows 10.


First of all, install python (latest version recommended).

Once you have python installed, you can easily install Animefetch just by running the following command on the command prompt:

pip install Animefetch==0.0.3


Once you have Animefetch installed you can run it by the following command:

python -m Animefetch

If you want to change the ASCII art that is shown, you can do it adding the next parameter:

python -m Animefetch --theme=2

Animefetch has 4 themes available with a different ASCII art, change it to the one of your preference!

Animefetch theme

This is the first working version of this program, and it is still in developement, so please report all the bugs and feel free to comment anything that can be improved, all the suggestions are welcome !

I would really aprecciate any feedback, so please try the program if you want to, and wait for more updates!

Made by Thadeuks



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