ANT+ Virtual Stride Based Speed and Distance Monitor


This project implements “virtual speed” from heart rate monitor. The calculated speed is broadcasted as such on ANT+ (using python-ant). Based on vpower by Darren Hague.

Even if the receiver app runs on the same computer, you will need two ANT+ sticks, because one device can’t be used by two apps simultaneously.

Supported devices:

Warning: the Cycplus ANT Stick is not compatible, even though it uses the same Vendor ID and Product ID (0fcf:1008) as the ANTUSB2 Stick.

Running on Windows

  • Download the standalone executable
  • Install the libusb-win32 driver for the ANT+ device (if not already installed), it can be easily done using Zadig
    • Options – List All Devices
    • Select ANT+ stick
    • Select libusb-win32 driver and click Replace Driver
  • Run the downloaded executable

Running from source code (Windows, Linux, macOS)

  • Install Python 3 if not already installed
    • Check “Add Python to PATH” or use the full path in the commands below
  • Clone or download this repo
  • CD to the repo directory and run pip install -r requirements.txt
    • On Linux and macOS use pip3 instead of pip
  • [Optional] Run pip install pywin32 (Windows only, to stop the ANT node on terminal window close)
  • Run python (or double click if you installed the Python Launcher)
    • On Linux and macOS use python3 instead of python


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