PYthon Warframe Market API(pywmapi)

API for warframe market, written in Python.

For now, the implemented function is listed below:

  • auth
    • sign in
    • register
    • restore password
  • items
    • list all tradable items
    • get info about an item
    • get list of orders of an item
  • statistics
    • get statistics of an item
  • profile
    • create an order
  • Liches
    • list all lich weapons
    • list all lich ephemeras
    • list all lich quirks
  • rivens
    • list all riven items
    • get a list of riven attributes
  • auctions
    • create auction
    • get a list of riven auctions by given search params
    • get a list of lich auctions by given search params
  • auction entry
    • get info about auction by auction id
    • get auction bids by auction id


Not uploaded yet

pip install pywmapi

The version of Python MUST greater than 3.6.


package of pywmapi is structured as:

├── auth
├── common
├── items
├── lang
└── statistics

For authentication, look up the auth package.

For items maniplation, look up the items package.

For getting statistics of items, look up the statistics package.

More functionalities is coming!


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