☑️ FAIR Enough metrics for research

Test Metrics

FAIR Enough Metrics is an API for various FAIR Metrics Tests, written in python, conforming to the specifications defined by the FAIRMetrics working group.

This API is deployed publicy at https://metrics.api.fair-enough.semanticscience.org

It can be used with the FAIR evaluation services:

Metrics tests API built FastAPI.

?‍? Deploy the API

First, clone the repository:

git clone https://github.com/MaastrichtU-IDS/fair-enough-metrics
cd fair-enough-metrics

From the root of the cloned repository, run the command below, and access the OpenAPI Swagger UI on http://localhost:8000

docker-compose up
The API will automatically reload on changes to the code ?

? Development without docker

Note: it has been tested only with Python 3.8

Install dependencies from the source code:

pip install -e .

Start the API locally on http://localhost:8000

uvicorn api.main:app --reload

? In production with docker

We use the docker-compose.prod.yml file to define the production deployment configuration.

To start the stack with production config:

docker-compose -f docker-compose.prod.yml up -d
We use a reverse nginx-proxy for docker to route the services.

✔️ Test the Metrics Tests API

The tests are run automatically by a GitHub Action workflow at every push to the main branch.

Add tests in the ./tests/test_metrics.py file. You just need to add new entries to the JSON file to test different subjects results against the metrics tests:

    'metric_id': 'a1-access-protocol',
    'subject': 'https://w3id.org/ejp-rd/fairdatapoints/wp13/dataset/c5414323-eab1-483f-a883-77951f246972',
    'score': 1,

Run the tests in docker-compose:

docker-compose -f docker-compose.test.yml up --force-recreate
You can enable more detailed logs by changing the command: in the docker-compose.test.yml file to use pytest -s

➕ Create a new FAIR Metrics Tests service

You can easily use this repository to build and publish new FAIR metrics tests.

  1. Fork this repository
  2. Change the API settings in api/config.py
  3. Use the existing tests python files in the metrics folder to start writing FAIR metrics tests!
  4. Start your FAIR metrics tests API with docker-compose!
GitHub - MaastrichtU-IDS/fair-enough-metrics at pythonawesome.com
☑️ API to publish FAIR metrics tests written in python - GitHub - MaastrichtU-IDS/fair-enough-metrics at pythonawesome.com