Aqara Camera G3 integration for Home Assistant

ATTENTION: The component only works after enabled telnet. Only supportd stream. Not support still image, motion detection, ptz, ai etc. yet.

This is a way to enable telnetd from #Wh1terat. After enabled telnet, you need use putty to telnet . Then enter the following commands.

chmod a+w /data/scripts/
echo -e "#!/bin/sh\n\nasetprop sys.camera_ptz_moving true\ -r\ -t -k" > /data/scripts/
chattr +i


you can install component with HACS, custom repo: HACS > Integrations > 3 dots (upper top corner) > Custom repositories > URL: niceboygithub/AqaraCamera > Category: Integration

Or Download and copy custom_components/aqara_camera folder to custom_components folder in your HomeAssistant config folder


  1. ⚙️ Configuration > ? Integrations > ➕ Add Integration > ? Search Aqara Camera

    Or click (HA v2021.3.0+): add

    1. If the integration didn’t show up in the list please REFRESH the page
    2. If the integration is still not in the list, you need to clear the browser cache.
  2. Enter Camera IP address.

  3. Click Send button, then wait this integration is configured completely.

  4. Done

Supported Versions

Market Firmware Version Status
China 3.3.2_0019.0004
China 3.3.4_0007.0004

Attention: The component is under active development.

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