Script for archiving Download folder by uploading unmodified files to a Google Drive folder. Modified files will remain in the Download folder for manual sorting.


While reading articles/documents online, I sometimes have to download them and make annotations. I want to archive the Download folder to Google Drive once in a while to free up hard disk space, but I also want to sort the annotated files separately because they contain my thinking process. This script will upload all unmodified files


  • Determines whether the file has been modified by the difference between the created time and modified time. If the difference is less than one minute, it will be uploaded.
  • Determines whether there is enough hard disk space in the Google Drive folder. It only moves the file when there is still 5GB of free space after uploading the file.
  • Check for active internet connection
  • No extra dependencies needed


  • .mp4 and .wav files are not treated as modified files because I rarely modify/annotate them by hand. They often have different modified and created time so would require extra design to deal with.
  • All file directories are based on my local computer’s format
  • Windows OS

Potential improvement

  • GUI


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