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Artisan is a software that helps coffee roasters record, analyze, and control roast profiles. When used in conjunction with a thermocouple data logger or a proportional–integral–derivative controller (PID controller), this software can automate the creation of roasting metrics to help make decisions that influence the final coffee flavor.


This software is open-source and absolutely free, also for commercial use.

If you think Artisan is useful to you, contribute financially to its further development. Send any amount via my PayPal.Me page. Thanks!

Home roasting enthusiasts often donate 10-100.- (in $ or EUR), while small roasting businesses and consultant that use Artisan in their daily work tend to donate 100-300.- (in $ or EUR). For extra tech support, please inquire.

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Version History

Detailed Release History

Version Date Comment
v2.4.4 14.12.2020 Adds machine setups for the Nordic PLC, Fabrica Roasters and MCR Series in C, importers for Rubase and Aillio RoastWorld, as well as PID Ramp/Soak pattern actions and templates (last version supporting Raspbian Stretch)
v2.4.2 02.10.2020 Adds support for machines of over 40 brands, IKAWA v3 CSV and RoastLog profile import, “Source Han Sans” and “WenQuanYi Zen Hei” font options providing complete Chinese, Korean and Japanese character sets, sliders Bernoulli mode, and WebSocket communication (last version supporting macOS 10.13 and 10.14)
v2.4.0 03.06.2020 Adds Roast Comparator, Roast Simulator, and Profile Transposer, Cropster, IKAWA and Giesen Software profile import, flexible automatic file name generator, special event annotations, large PhasesLCDs, support for Twino/Ozstar roasting machines and the Giesen IR sensor, S7 and MODBUS protocol optimizations and extensions, support for additional Phidgets and Yoctopuce IO modules
v2.1.2 24.12.2019 Bug fixes
v2.1.1 29.11.2019 Bug fixes
v2.1.0 26.11.2019 Adds profile analyzer, extended symbolic formulas, background images, forward looking alarms and alarms triggered by temperature differences, support for the Atilla GOLD plus 7″ II, the Besca Bee sample roaster, additional Coffed machines (SR3/5/15/25/60), Coffeetool Rxx machines with control, and popular Phidget sets (incl. the one featured in On Idle Noise)
v2.0.0 04.06.2019 New icon and new look! Adds support for the inventory management service, Coffee-Tech Engineering Silon ZR7, Has Garanti HGS and HSR series, Kaldi Fortis, and the forthcoming Behmor 1kg
v1.6.2 20.03.2019 Enables communication with Phidgets under the Mac OS X 10.14 security framework
v1.6.1 10.03.2019 Adds support for the Sedona Elite 2in1 roaster, the Probat Roaster Middleware, the Aillio R1 v2 firmware incl. the new IBTS IR sensor, the Phidgets REL1000, REL1100, REL1101, and DAQ1400, the Phidget RC Servo API (Phidget RCC 1000, Phidget 1061, and Phidget 1066), the Yocotopuce Meteo ambient sensor and the Yocotopuce IR module, adds Brazilian portuguese translations and updated French translations
v1.5.0 17.10.2018 Adds ArtisanViewer mode, Phidgets IO VoltageRatio, Program 78 and Program 910 devices, and support for manual Besca roasting machines
v1.4.0 03.10.2018 Adds time guide, additional PhasesLCD configurations, export/convert to Excel and import/export to Probat Pilot v1.4, channel tare, playback DROP event, always ON mode, support for ambient data and Phidget ambient sensors HUM1000 and PRE1000, PID P-on-Measurement/Input mode, improved curve smoothing, machine support for Atilla GOLD plus 7″, Besca roasting machines, Coffee-Tech Engineering Ghibli and Diedrich Roasters
 v1.3.1 20.05.2018 Adds support for Fuji PID PXF
 v1.3.0 15.04.2018 Adds Siemens S7 support, MODBUS BCD decode, color themes, extraction yield calculator, support for machines of Aillio, BC Roasters, Bühler, Coffed, Coffee-Tech, Coffeetool, Giesen, IMF, K+M, Loring, Proaster, San Franciscan, Toper, US Roaster Corp
v1.2.0 21.12.2017 Adds replay by temperature, support for Phidgets API v22, Phidgets USB devices USB 1002, 1014, 1017 and VINT devices HUB0000, TMP1100, TMP1101, TMP1200, OUT1000,OUT1001, OUT1002, OUT1100, VOLTCRAFT PL-125-T2, as well as the VOLTCRAFT PL-125-T4, improved RoR and dropout handling (last version supporting Mac OS X 10.12 and Linux glibc 2.17; first version requiring the Phidget v22 driver)
v1.1.0 10.06.2017 Adds Recent Roast Properties, Aillio Bullet R1 profile import and support for Probat Probatone 2 (last version supporting OS X 10.9, Windows XP/7 and 32bit OS versions; last version supporting the Phidget v21 driver)
v1.0.0 24.02.2017 Adds internal software PID, external MODBUS PID control, Apollo DT301, Extech 755, fast MODBUS RTU, AUC, RPi build, and additional translations
v0.9.9 14.03.2016 Adds batch and ranking reports, batch conversions, follow-background for Fuji PIDs, additional keyboard short cuts, and designer improvements (last version supporting OS X 10.7 and 10.8)
v0.9.8 21.10.2015 Adds US weight and volume units and extended symbolic expressions and plotter, ln()/x^2 approximations
v0.9.7 29.07.2015 Bug fixes
v0.9.6 20.07.2015 Bug fixes
v0.9.5 06.07.2015 Adds Batch counter and app settings export/import (last Windows Celeron and Mac OS X 10.6 version)
v0.9.4 06.06.2015 Bug fixes
v0.9.3 15.05.2015 Adds Phidget 1051, Hottop KN-8828B-2K+, and one extra background curve
v0.9.2 16.01.2015 Bug fixes
v0.9.1 03.01.2015 Adds Acaia scale support and WebLCD QR code
v0.9.0 17.11.2014 MODBUS ASCII/TCP/UDP, Yocto Thermocouple and PT100, Phidget 1045 IR, Phidget 1046 Wheatstone Bridge wiring, Phidgets async mode, Polish translations, LargeLCDs, WebLCDs, 2nd set of roast phases, volume calculator, moisture loss and organic loss, container tare, RoR delta span, phasesLCDs showing Rao’s development ratio
v0.8.0 25.05.2014 Phidget IO, Phidget remote, Arduino TC4 PID, Mastech MS6514
v0.7.5 06.04.2014 Bug fixes
v0.7.4 13.01.2014 Bug fixes
v0.7.3 12.01.2014 Bug fixes
v0.7.2 19.12.2013 Bug fixes
v0.7.1 02.12.2013 Bug fixes
v0.7.0 30.11.2013 Phidget 1046/1048, phases LCDs, xkcd style, extended alarms, Tonino support
v0.6.0 14.06.2013 Monitoring-only mode, sliders, extended alarms, Modbus RTU, Amprobe TMD-56, spike filter, additional localizations
v0.5.6 08.11.2012 Bug fixes  (last Mac OS X 10.4/10.5 version)
v0.5.2 23.07.2011 Delta DTA PID support, automatic CHARGE/DROP
v0.5.0 10.06.2011 HHM28, wheel graph, math plotter, multiple and virtual devices, symbolic expressions, custom buttons
v0.4.0 10.04.2011 Localization, events replay, alarms, profile designer
v0.3.4 28.02.2011 Arduino TC4, TE VA18B, delta filter
v0.3.3 13.02.2011 Fuji PXR5/PXG5, manual device, keyboard shortcuts, Linux
v0.3.0 11.01.2011 New profile file format
v0.2.0  31.12.2010 CENTER 300, 301, 302, 303, 304, 305, 306, VOLTCRAFT K202, K204 300K, 302KJ, EXTECH 421509
v0.1.0  20.12.2010 Initial release