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a faster copy of nell’s comet nuker

also nell uses external libraries like it’s cocaine

man never learned to use ansi color codes

(ily nell)

(One more note idrc if you clown me for “skidding” comet, comet is very underrated and it’s good but the requests are slow so I decided to do the job for Nell also Nell just simply fork it change logo and do whatever you want with it idrc it’s yours from the start I just pushed my updates and changed logo faggot I also love you Nell)

Change log

Added api rotation 2022/1/25 2:21AM Added better UI 2022/1/25 12:44pm Added better Multithreading 12:45pm Bug fixing 2:54pm



apt update
apt install python3
git clone
cd astro
pip install -r requirements


cd astro
python -m pip install -r requirements.txt

Run on


nell1337 for making base nuker

and me for FIXING YOUR EXTERNAL LIBRARIES ADDICTION and making a full nuker update soon


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