Information :

Hello, thank you for reading this first of all.
This is a Aula-API Wrapper for.. – Aula!

Aula is a school system widely used in Denmark, as you can see and read about in the python file, they’re shitters…
This was an active project until recently, when we abandoned it. Therefore this is a ‘Discontinued API – Wrapper’.
If we were to directly clown them, we would include the overall law, they’re breaking.. – So here is it ? –
The company behind Aula, called Kombit is breaking multiple European GDPR Laws, read about them yourself for details.

In the Python file or the documentation, we include the information you can get from using it, so feel free to read that!
There’s really nothing else to say, otherwise Kombit is clearly not giving a crap about Aula, and its security.

Documentation :


# Get information about the user, ID (of user) argument needed [Format: String].

def MyFunction():




# Scrapes all ID's between 100000 ... 999999, for possible users, no argument needed.

def MyFunction():




# Get all conversations by user, ID (of user) argument needed [Format: String].

def MyFunction():





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