This repo is for an example of auralisastion of CNNs that is demonstrated on ISMIR 2015.

Files includes all required function for deconvolution. includes the whole code – just clone and run it by python You might need to use older version of Keras, e.g. this (ver 0.3.x)


src_songs: includes three songs that I used in my blog posting.


Load weights that you want to auralise. I’m using this function W = load_weights() to load my keras model, it can be anything else. W is a list of weights for the convnet. (TODO: more details)

Then load source files, get STFT of it. I’m using librosa.

Then deconve it with get_deconve_mask.


This paper, or simply,

  title={Auralisation of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks: Listening to Learned Features},
  author={Choi, Keunwoo and Kim, Jeonghee and Fazekas, George and Sandler, Mark},
  booktitle={International Society of Music Information Retrieval (ISMIR), Late-Breaking/Demo Session, New York, USA},
  organization={International Society of Music Information Retrieval}

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