This is a simple authentication library for Skit’s platform.

  • Provides JWTs in exchange for IAM credentials.
  • Provides specific tokens for organizations associated with Skit.


The library uses python=^3.9.

pip install skit-auth
skit-auth -h


❯ skit-auth -h
usage: skit-auth [-h] [--url URL] --email EMAIL --password PASSWORD [--org-id ORG_ID]'s authorization library.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help           show this help message and exit
  --url URL            The URL of the API Gateway.
  --email EMAIL        The email address of the user or IAM.
  --password PASSWORD  The password of the user or IAM.
  --org-id ORG_ID      The ID of the organization.

The default url is the production api gateway endpoint.


Sharing a few invocation examples:

skit-auth --email [email protected] --password "******"

This provides a JWT for’s organization. If a particular organization is required, we can use the --org-id flag.

skit-auth --email [email protected] --password "******" --org-id 2


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