This is a personal project that I created for free. I created this in a short time and will probably update based on demand.
Disclaimer: Use at your Own Risk!!!!!!!! I am not liable to any damages or hacks on your account

Splinterlands Auto Surrender

Description: Tired of wasting time to lower your rank in splinterlands? Use this to automatically surrender your battles.


* Install Python:

* Install pip:

* Install Chrome:

* After installing pip. you can install selenium and env by running 'pip install selenium python-dotenv' in terminal/powershell as admin.

* Install choco for Windows:

* Install Chromedriver for Windows: choco install chromedriver

How to Use:

* Download zip file( in code button drop down) and extract file to desired folder

*! IMPORTANT: Make sure to edit the '.env.dist' to '.env' and put credentials(open with notepad and enter username/email, posting key, etc.)

* Navigate to SPLINTERLANDBOTS directory in your terminal/cmd

* type 'python' and press enter

* congrats! splinterland auto surrender will now run 

* Use 'ctrl+c' or quit in terminal to stop process
  • This project is in alpha stage. If you encounter a bug, just exit the terminal and chrome and re-run again.

IGN: beggarking


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