Auto-updater for the Northstar Titanfall 2 client


Put the exe into your Titanfall 2 directory next to Titanfall2.exe
Then, when running NorthstarUpdater.exe it will update and then start Northstar.
I recommend setting it up as a external game in steam or as a shortcut on your desktop, instead of NorthstarLauncher.exe.

You dont have to have Northstar or any of the mods you configure installed, if you dont have them it will download them automatically.


After the first launch, it will have generated a updater_config.ini which you can edit to allow it to update mods.

repository = F1F7Y/Better.Serverbrowser
last_update = 0001-01-01T00:00:00
ignore_prerelease = true
file = Better.Serverbrowser/mod.json
install_dir = ./R2Northstar/mods
key explanation
repository The GitHub username and repository of the mod (should contain releases)
last_update by default this is 0, and will be overwritten whenever the updater has completed an update
ignore_prerelease true by default, this will prevent the autoupdater from updating to a prerelease version
file This is pointing to some file in the mod, used to verify the correct zip was downloaded and whether the mod is already installed.
install_dir the directory into which the release will be unpacked. This is obviously different for other non-mod things like the updater itself
exclude_files A pipe (

Working princple:
The udpater is just a fancy automatic way to download and extract zip archives from github.
It first fetches the releases and tries to determine whether there is a newer version available. Then, it tries to very naively guess which release asset to use, and downloads it. The downloaded zip file will get inspected whetehr it contains file to check that it was the correct one. Then, it will extract all fiels except those listed in exclude_files into the install_dir. The last step is calling NorthstarLauncher which will also be passed every commandline argument given to the updater.


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