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Telegram bot to automate and manage channels.

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Deploy to Heroku


  1. Tap on above button and fill API_ID, API_HASH, BOT_TOKEN (and MUST_JOIN).
  2. Then tap “Deploy App” below it. Wait till deploying is complete (will take atmost 2 minutes).
  3. After deploying is complete, tap on “Manage App”
  4. Check the logs to see if your bot is ready!

Local Deploying

  1. Clone the repo

    git clone
  2. Get a DATABASE_URL. If you don’t know how, deploy using Heroku Button only or delete database things as it’s not a compulsion.

  3. Edit and fill the needed variables

  4. Enter the directory

    cd ChannelBot
  5. Run the file


Environment Variables

Mandatory Vars

  • API_ID – Get this from
  • API_HASH – Get this from
  • BOT_TOKEN – Get this from @BotFather
  • DATABASE_URL – Will be automatically added by Heroku.
  • MUST_JOIN – Username/ID of your telegram channel/group.


More features soon if suggested by you ?

  1. Automatically add caption
  2. Automatically post sticker after every message.
  3. Add URL buttons to every message.
  4. Various settings like Edit Mode, Caption Mode and Webpage Preview


That’s on you mainly…

PRs Welcome



Channel :- @StarkBots

Group Chat :- @StarkBotsChat


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