Simple script to farm Dankmemer coins with multiple accounts at once.

Requires: Proxies, Discord Tokens


I don’t take responsibility if you get banned from a server or if your Tokens get locked

All accounts need access to the channel ID you provide. Make sure all accounts are in the server and have send message permission


This script was build for Python 3.9

How to use.

1. Create a folder.

2. Place the python file in the folder.

3. Place a text file (tokens.txt) with discord Tokens in the folder. Call the file “tokens.txt”. If you change the name, the script won’t find your Tokens.

4. If you want to run multiple Tokens at once it is recommended adding proxies, to prevent getting rate limited.

Place a text file (proxies.txt) in the folder. Proxies format: (ip:port)

5. Open the script and change the following variables.

channel_id -> Set this to the id of the channel you wanna farm in.

id -> Set this to your user id. The bots will send their money to this account.

All your Tokens need access to the channel, so make sure they are joined, and have send message permission.

6. Run the script with python3 main.py

7. Profit


Dm me on Discord or join my server

You can open a issue on Github aswell


GitHub - ScobraScope/dankmemer-farm at pythonawesome.com
Automate coin farming for dankmemer. Unlimited accounts at once. Uses a proxy - GitHub - ScobraScope/dankmemer-farm at pythonawesome.com