PyFronius – a very basic Fronius python bridge

A package that connects to a Fronius device in the local network and provides data
that is provided via the JSON API of the Fronius.
This includes the grid consumption, grid return, photovoltaic production
and many more details on the status of the local power supply.


The package supports the following data provided by Fronius devices:

  • Power Flow (System scope)
  • Meter (System and Device scope)
  • Inverter (System and Device scope)
  • Storage (System and Device scope, Experimental)
  • Active Devices
  • Logger Information
  • Inverter Information

The package currently supportes the Fronius API V1 and V0
and aims to support as many different device types as possible (Hybrid, GEN24,…).

I also know there are better scripts, yet they are not on pypi which is necessary
for using them with Home Assistant


Support may be enhanced based on the official documentation (V1, V0).
Pull requests are very welcome.

If you own a Fronius device, feel free to provide us with raw data returned
by fetching the API endpoints manually.
Data from systems featuring Ohmpilots and Storages are much welcomed as we
have no data for testing these so far.


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