This source code is implemented using keras library based on “Automatic ocular artifacts removal in EEG using deep learning” {https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1746809418300521} paper just for research purposes, though a complete match with the paper is not guaranteed at all.

This project contains:

  • Common Spatial Pattern for EEG Feature Extraction
  • using Deep Stacked Sparse Autoencoders (Keras) for EEG Denoising
  • Support Vector Machine for EEG Classification


  • Please download dataset 1 of the BCI Competition IV available on http://www.bbci.de/competition/iv/.
  • sudo pip install keras
  • sudo pip install tensorflow
  • sudo pip install sklearn
  • sudo pip install matplotlib
  • sudo pip install mne
  • sudo pip install IPython


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