CryptoPunk Stealer

The sole purpose of this script is to download the entire CryptoPunk NFT collection.

How does it work?

Basically, the website where the CryptoPunk pictures are stored lets you see the individual pictures numbered from 0000 to 9999. Since they’re all numbered chronologically, you can just pick a number, and change the image URL, and voila, you have the picture! Here’s NFT #0000, and here is NFT #6969. As you can tell, the URL remains unchanged for both except for the number.

Why did you make this?

2 reasons: Firstly, for the funny. Secondly, out of spite for these stupid #RightClickVictims. I’m tired of all these NFT junkies constantly talking about how they’re victims to screenshotting, and how screenshotting is property theft. So to rub salt in their exaggerated wounds, here is a script that downloads literally every CryptoPunk without fail (hopefully).


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