OpenSea NFT Stealer

The sole purpose of this script is to download any NFT collection from OpenSea.

How does it work?

Basically, the OpenSea website allows for scripts to reach into their system via an API. Using this API, we fetch the amount of items in the collection of choice, and split it into 50-item chunks each, and start downloading them. Everything is automated, except the name of the collection. The name of the collection has to be set manually, by opening the .py file and changing the Collection Name variable on line 11.

Why did you make this?

2 reasons: Firstly, for the funny. Secondly, out of spite for these stupid #RightClickVictims. I’m tired of all these NFT junkies constantly talking about how they’re victims to screenshotting, and how screenshotting is property theft. So to rub salt in their exaggerated wounds, here is a script that downloads literally every NFT in any collection on the most popular NFT trading website.


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