Automatically skip tagged content in Plex

A background python script that monitors local playback on your server (LAN only) and will automatically ‘press’ the Skip Intro button or skip other similarly tagged content automatically

Only works on LAN sessions (not remote) as Plex does not allow seeking adjustments via the API for remote sessions

Currently Plex uses markers and chapters to tag potentially skippable content as follows:

  • Markers
    • Intros
    • Commercials
  • Chapters
    • Advertisements


  • Python3
  • PIP
  • PlexPass (for automatic markers)
  • PlexAPI
  • Websocket-client


  1. Ensure you have Python and PIP installed
  2. Clone the repository
  3. Install requirements using pip install -R ./setup/requirements.txt
  4. Run once to generate config files or copy samples from the ./setup directory
  5. Edit ./config/config.ini with your Plex account or Plex server settings
  6. Run



Optional custom parameters for which movie, show, season, or episode should be included or blocked. You can also define custom skip segments for media if you do not have Plex Pass or would like to skip additional areas of content


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