Spotify Playlist Updater

A Python script to update Spotify Playlist data every 5 minutes.


An automatic playlist updater using Spotify API and Authorization code flow in Python to update a Playlist on a repeating time interval.

Getting Started

You will need Python to execute the script:

Spotify Playlist Updater requires three dependencies:

  • A Package Management System for Python.
  • Installation Link
  • For Windows, you can run py -m ensurepip --upgrade in CMD to install.
  • Python job scheduler to run the script on a timer.
  • Installation Link
  • For Windows, you can run -m pip install schedule --upgrade in CMD to install.
A Web Domain
  • No website required, only a web domain for redirecting the API request and retrieving the user authorization token.
  • If you don’t already own a domain, you can create one at https//
  • Python library for the Spotify Web API
  • Installation Link
  • For Windows, you can run py -m pip install spotipy --upgrade in CMD to install.

Set Up

Installing the Script
  • Install the dependencies listed above.
  • Choose a location on your device (I’ll refer to this as the working directory)
  • Download the latest release of spotify-playlist-updater to the working directory.
  • Save your playlist photo (if applicable) in the data folder of the working directory
Set up Client ID, Client Secret and Redirect URI
  • Login to Spotify Developer Account
    • Go to and click Manage Dashboard.
    • Then, sign in with your Spotify credentials and accept the latest Developer terms of service.
    • Note your Client ID, and Client Secret.
  • Create an App
    • In the Developer Dashboard, create an App. You can put whatever you’d like for the App name and description.
    • Click Edit Settings.
      • Add your domain address to the Redirected URI’s field, and click Add. Make sure to Save.
Adding your Playlist information
  • Right click \ from the working directory, and select “Edit with IDLE”
    • Put your Playlist Image path in place of: "C:\\Users\\You\\YourWorkingDirectory\\Data\\PlaylistPhoto.jpeg"
    • Put your Spotify Username in place of: 'username'
    • Put your Client ID in place of 'clientid'
    • Put your Client Secret in place of 'clientsecret'
    • Put your Web Domain Address in place of ''
    • Put your Spotify Playlist Link in place of ''
    • Put your Playlist Description in place of 'Playlist Name'
    • Put your Playlist Description in place of 'Playlist Description'
  • Save the script once your changes are made.

Running the Script

  • Right click and Open.
  • The script updates the Playlist every 5 minutes. You can adjust the update frequency by changing the number value for schedule.every(5)
  • The script will restart if it runs into a timeout to prevent it from failing during an internet hiccup.
    • If you have an unstable internet connection and run into issues, try removing the continue statement.


To report issues, create a new issue on Github or email [email protected]


Aeriie on GitHub

Version History

  • 0.1
    • Initial Release