Automation bot on selenium for mint NFT from Magiceden

This bot will help you mint all the Magic Eden NFT’s projects, This bot of does not guarantee a successful mint but increases chances as well as gives you the possibility to mint bypass the minting limit!

Easy setup which uses ChromeDriver to open up a new chrome instance and mint the nft you are looking for quicker than a human. This bot does not guarantee you will get your NFT, this bot simply goes faster than humans to mint and automates everything since you do not have to click yourself.

You can launch multiple instances of the bot to bypass minting limit / wallet

You can support me with some SOL : 51QSGLfQDS324F7UTaHpkSv18tuogbvcvPExV8hD9Y1x


  • Window

  • Mac (Intel + m1)

  • Linux (Not verified)



    1. Clone the repository / Download zip file

      git clone


      Download Zip File

    2. Be sure you have installed Python correctly, here is a link to download

    3. Open command prompt

    4. Install all python module

      pip install selenium requests webdriver-manager

    5. Replace Phantom Passphrase and password in config.json

      launchpadLink –> Launchpad link on magic eden

      seedPhrase –> your phantom wallet passphrase (Careful do not share this key)

    6. Open CMD and go to directory

      cd /path/to/directory/magiceden-bot/

    7. Run the python file

      windows : python

      mac : python3

      or start start.bat


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