Buildium Transactions -> Stessa Transactions

There is currently no third-party integration between Buildium and Stessa to get transactions from Buildium into Stessa, see this request. This repo allows you to transform Buildium transactions into something that is relatively easy to import into Stessa.

TLDR takes a “Rental Owner Statement Report”, Rental_Owner_Statement.csv, from Buildium . It outputs one file per property with all transactions for that property. That file can then be manually uploaded into Stessa which can be tagged for a specific property. Having separate files for each property is an intentional design as it assists with automatically tagging the transactions to a specific rental in Stessa when you select the property on upload. That way you only have to categorize the type of transaction.

Open to contributions and fixing problems as several friends and family members use this as well.


  • python3
  • pip / pipenv
  • Rental_Owner_Statement.csv file (This file can be exported from Buildium as a “Rental Owner Statement Report exported to Comma-Separated CSV”).


  1. git clone

  2. cd ./buildium-to-stessa

  3. pipenv install -r requirements.txt


  1. pip install -r requirements.txt

  2. Move the the Rental_Owner_Statement.csv is in the buildium-to-stessa folder

Run the script

pipenv run python -f Rental_Owner_Statement.csv


python -f Rental_Owner_Statement.csv

If its another location, python -f ./full/location/to/the/Rental_Owner_Statement.csv

See the created files

See the various files created, one for each address.

Upload the files into Stessa

Upload each file individually into Stessa. Once logged into Stessa, go to Transactions (left bar) > Import (top right) > Choose one of the csv files that is a specific address > In the drop down for assign all transactions to the same address, select the same address as the filename.

Rinse and repeat for each property.


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