A quick and small python script that helps you autotype on websites that have copy paste disabled like Moodle, HackerEarth contests etc as it difficult to efficiently debug your code on an online compiler.



Install python3.x, pip

Install the dependencies

pip install -r requirements.txt

Run it as CLI app

Provide the path of the file to be autotyped and the delay time through teminal/shell.

python3 simulate_keyboard --path filePath --time delay_before_typing

python3 simulate_keyboard -p filePath -t delay_before_typing

Run it as follows if you are not familiar with CLI apps.

Put the text inside code in as follows

Line 14
code = """
Make sure to use triple quotes as it will preserve the code format.
  • Run the script python3
  • The script will start typing after 3s (you can change the wait time or delay)
  • After running the script click on the window wherever you want to auto-type.