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The automation of Discord Accounts also known as self-bots is a violation of Discord Terms of Service & Community Guidelines and will result in your account(s) being terminated. Discretion is adviced. I will not be responsible for your actions. Read about Discord Terms Of Service and Community Guidelines here.



These can be done by the program:

  • Backup Servers
  • Backup Group Chats
  • Backup Avatar, Banner and Bio
  • Backup + Restore Server Folders
  • Backup + Restore Relationships (Friends, Blocked, etc)
  • Auto-Backup on PC Startup
  • Colour Customisation


You will have to do this yourself:

  • Restore Servers
  • Restore Group Chats
  • Restore Avatar, Banner and Bio


Using Binary EXE (Easier)

  1. Download the zip for your Operating System from Releases
  2. Unzip the contents into a folder
  3. Run the exe

Using Source

  1. Install Python 3.9.10 (should work with other versions)
  2. Download source with the green Code button, then Download ZIP
  3. Unzip the contents into a folder
  4. Run in your command prompt:
pip install -r requirements.txt
  1. Run main.py, either by double clicking or with command prompt (preferred way):
python main.py

Notes / FAQ:

Restoring Servers + Group Chats + Server Folders

Because of Discord’s last resorts of using hCaptcha to stop people self-botting on Discord, I’ve decided its best to stop this program needing a captcha key.

  • The program will create a server with all the old server invites in them, sorted into the folders from the old account.
  • You simply just join them, when you need to.
  • After you have joined all the servers, you can use the restore module to only restore folders.

Group Chat Invites

Group Chat Invites are a bit scuffed on Discord.

  • Server Invites will still be active if you leave the server.
  • However, Group Chat Invites will not work if you leave the Group Chat.
  • Meaning, if you leave the group chat after a backup, and before a term, then you won’t be able to join that group chat back.

Can I backup/restore an account which is already termed?

No. You can’t, and never will be able to. Stop asking this.

There’s a feature I want to suggest.

Suggest it in the issues tab. I will probably add it.

I keep getting an error, help!

Make an issue in the issue tab, or ask in the Community Servers.


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