Banu Systems Industry Tools

The main goal of this project is to enable co-op industry game play in Star Citizen. As of now there is no easy way to calculate payouts, keep track of refinery jobs, or see how much you owe/are owed. This project looks to take care of that and will evolve as new content is added into the game.


  • Expandable for salvage
  • Pilots enter raw ore
  • Allow multiple types of ore
  • Allow mining location (planet/moon, closest outpost) (optional)
  • Auto add date/time stamp to job
  • Pilots select location and refine method
  • Present pilots with cost of raw and refined ore
  • Pilots select who flew with them and in what roles (pilot, crew, scout, security)
  • Do not need account for each member (allow placeholder with username… might allow to update if users makes account)
  • Have a few default pay-out scheme (even split, mining standard)
  • Allow pilots to change default payout percentages per job
  • Allow pilots to change calculated payout aUECs (will change percentages)
  • Allow changes to payout scheme in profile for more permanence
  • Force users to add each-other as friends (protection from random job creations)
  • Show all jobs related to user and expected payout
  • Only allow pilot to edit job
  • Allow creation of blank jobs for pilots to pre fill crew
  • Check box per paid crew

*** NICE TO HAVE ***

  • API for getting jobs owed (discord bots or the like)
  • Daily/weekly/monthly leader boards
  • Data aggregation of locations and ore amounts

*** OTHERS ***

  • Cluster calculator. Lets users input multiple rocks to get over all value and SCU


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