Marco Engine – interesnaya neyronnaya shakhmatnaya set’, kotoraya ispol’zuyet metod samoobucheniya(dostizheniye khoroshoy igy putem proboy oshibok). Tekhnicheski, yeye reyting – 3320. Khotya, my uvereny, chto eto ne maksimal’nyy reyting.

Marco Engine is an interesting neural chess network that uses a self-learning method (achieving a good game by trying out mistakes). Technically, her rating is 3320. Although, we are sure that this is not the maximum rating.

Objective of the project

The goal of the MarcoEngine project is to create new self-learning algorithms. After that, on the scales that we get, we can make an almost perfect game for all possible moves.


At the moment, unfortunately, most of the UCI protocol is not implemented. Currently only supported Hash and MultiPV.


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