该程序基于python的selenium自动化测试框架,对某高校的教务系统的成绩信息实时爬取,在检测到成绩更新之后,会通过电子邮件的方式,将更新的成绩以文本的方式发送给用户,可以使得用户在不必手动登录教务系统网站时,实时获取成绩更新的信息。 该程序仅供学习交流,不可用于恶意攻击,恶意爬取数据。 本人提供的资源,都来自网络,版权争议与本人无关,所有内容及软件的文章仅限用于学习和研究目的。不得将上述内容用于商业或者非法用途,否则,一切后果请用户自负,我们不保证内容的长久可用性,通过使用本站内容随之而来的风险与本站无关,您必须在下载后的24个小时之内,从您的电脑/手机中彻底删除上述内容。侵删请致信E-mail:[email protected]

Based on the selenium automatic test framework of python, the program crawls the score information of the educational administration system of a university in real time. After detecting the score update, it will send the updated score to the user in the form of text through e-mail, which can enable the user to obtain the score update information in real time without having to log in to the educational administration system website manually. The program is only for learning and communication, and can not be used for malicious attacks and malicious crawling of data. The resources provided by me come from the Internet. Copyright disputes have nothing to do with me. All content and software articles are only used for learning and research purposes. The above content shall not be used for commercial or illegal purposes. Otherwise, the user shall be responsible for all consequences. We do not guarantee the long-term availability of the content. The risks associated with using the content of this site have nothing to do with this site. You must completely delete the above content from your computer / mobile phone within 24 hours after downloading.Please write to e-mail: [email protected]


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