“basic browser based on PyQt5”

  • This application is primarily built on macOS with more adaptibility for MacOS than Windows. v1.0 will support MacOS.
  • Please contact on [email protected] if you wish to contribute to this project.

Version Launch :


Pre-release 1

19 Jan 2022

Features : Basic functionality with navbar. Home page set to google.com


Pre-release 2


Features : Bookmark, Logging (local)


The primary aim is to make a browser application with it's own packages & built-in plugins which has better UI and is more UX appropriate for quick working.

Secondary aim is to be able to make smart cache memory management so it occupies lesser space on the PC.

Tertiary aim is to make appropriate themes for browser available with an "ease to change" rather than asking the user to make multiple steps to enable/disable a theme. We may also look forward to involve settings which may help a user to manually create themes ensuring ease with "NO-CODE-INTERFACE".


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