Core Social Engineering

basic of social Engineering tool. just for fun ?


First of all, I must say that I wrote such a project because of my interest in security and social engineering, and I will develop other versions of this project in the future. I also have no responsibility for using this (phishing method) or hacking somebody.
for explaining the project I just say that, when a user input username and password the Telegram Bot send data to your Telegram Account.

alt text


pip install flask
pip install telebot
pip install PyTelegramBotAPI==2.2.3
pip install python-dotenv
  • you can using requirement.txt file
  • pay attention that you should be input your TelegramBot token and your chatID from GET ID BOT into the specific methods and functions. token = "TOKEN" and bot.send_message("YOUR CHAT ID"

How use?

just run flask run in your terminal. after doing your rules in Requirements


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