Batch Python Program Verify


As a TA(teaching assistant) of Programming Class,
it is very annoying to test students’ homework assignments one by one.
So I wrote this to helping me verify if students’ homework assignments have the correct file name,
and correct excute result.


Attention !!

This program was made for NCNU IM programming class,
its functions are combined with the Moodle System, and our Online Judge.
If you are not using any of this,
then you need to change a little for costomize

Step 1 :

Create a folder as a root folder for your homeworks
(every homework should have a folder)

Step 2 :

put the “” file into the “root” folder

Step 3 :

Download the test file
(regualtion input, output, if you don’t have an OnlineJudge to download,
then you can create your own)
then put the file into the “Homework folder”

Step 4 :

Excute the program and wait for the result!


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