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Tech Stack

  • Mostly powered by Netlify, Material UI and React.
  • Netlify hosts writeup's static assets. Because it's amazing.
  • MaterialUI - Thank you for making it easy to build presentable pages.
  • React - Thank you for building an awesome library to construct a web app with.
  • SlateJS - The editor show casing everything.
  • Create React App was used to build this.

To Start

git clone [email protected]:jeffshek/writeup-frontend.git
cd writeup-frontend
yarn install
yarn start


Code Quality

  • This was written pretty quickly, so I'm not that proud of some antipatterns I used in repo. I wouldn't use it for inspiration. I'm much prouder of the backend repo than I am of the frontend.
  • EDIT EVEN MORE: The DevOps in building this has been much harder than I anticipated. Between the tradeoffs of technical debt on the frontend versus backend, this got the short end of the stick. I'm a bit embarrassed by the code quality here, sorry ...
  • I'm not a frontend engineer. Apologies about the size of main.js ... Don't judge me (too hard).