prerequisites: Selnium; undetected-chromedriver.

This Script is designed to order an Item provided a link from only. If the item is unavailable, then the page will continue to refresh until it appears to be in stock. Works best with local BestBuy stores that have “Local Pickup” as an option.

Passing your information to the Script –

Open the file “order_info” and enter your information. This will only work if you have an already set-up BestBuy account that includes a payment method, street address, phone number, email, and preferences selected.

Setting up Email Alert system with your Gmail Account –

This script will only work with a Gmail address. You will have to generate a 16-digit email password for this to work. It will not work with your standard email password – you must generate an App password for third-party access. Follow this link for help:

NOTE: This info must be plugged into or you can re-write the script to include all information locally.


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