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ONE PIECE is a Japanese manga of great international success. The story turns inhabited in a fictional world, tells the adventures of a young man whose body gained rubber properties after accidentally eating a devil fruit (AKUMA NO MI).
In this universe there are three types of AKUMA NO MI; Logia, Zoan and Paramecia. Each has a characteristic. The Logia type are elements that can modify the body, the Zoan are of the animal type (and can be extinct or not) and Paramecia are of the object type. These powers may or may not represent a danger to society, all that pose a danger to society are considered criminals and, varying the type of crime, are announced with a reward.
The government always seeks to collect its taxes.
So in this BigData project we explore the census of this population. Imagining a population of at least 100,000.00 inhabitants, we wrote a project that has MONGODB as its final repository, a non-relational database that organizes its documents by Collections.
Below is a glossary of data.

Glossary of Data

Fields Type Description
_id string undescore ID
region_birth string region of birth
country_birth string country of birth
city_birth string city_birth
current_region string current region
current_country string current country
current_city string current city
street string current street
number string number of house
postalcode string postal code
mailer string mailer
street string street name informed
number string number of street name informed
register_data string date your data was entered into the record
type_of_fruit string type of fruit
fruit_name string fruit name
fruit_category string fruit hazard level
number_times_resurrected string number of times that fruit was resurrected
job string occupation
current_job string current job
contracting_company string name of contracting company
start_date string start date in job company
year_working_time string time in year working in company
initial_salary string initial salary
current_wage string current wage
first_name string first name
last_name string last name
gender string gender
race string race of person
birthday string date of birthday
age string age
has_disability string have or do not have a disability
security_social_number string security social number
phone string phone
sketch string sketch
has_tatoo string have or do not have a tatoo
has_scar string have or do not have a scar
has_rewards string have or do not have a rewards
devil_fruit_user string whether or not you are an akuma no mi user
color_hair string color of hair
color_skill string color of skill
type_of_tatoo string type of tatoo
where_in_body string where in body is the tatoo
color_of_tatoo string color of tatoo
scar string where in body is the scar
color_eyes string color of eyes
main_crime string If the person is a criminal. main crime
code_crime string code of crime
tax_collected_government string tax collected by government
debt_with_government string debt with government
rewards string rewards


For a better view of the world of ONE PIECE, its regions, cities and islands, we put the map created for the world.



Start the Project

To run the project, you need to install the dependencies located in the “dependencies” folder and in the root of the project, run the shell_script “”.

Sample of Payload in Stagin


 "region_birth":"East Blue",
 "country_birth":"Warship Island",
 "city_birth":"North Wayne",
 "current_region":"East Blue",
 "current_country":"Warship Island",
 "current_city":"East Joshua",
 "street":"Christine Fields",
 "mailer":"[email protected]",


 "type_of_fruit":"it does not have",
 "fruit_name":"it does not have",
 "fruit_category":"it does not have",


 "job":"Freight forwarder",
 "contracting_company":"Robinson, Simon and Hernandez",


 "devil_fruit_user":"it does not have",
 "has_tatoo":"it does not have",
 "has_disability":"no deficiency",


 "type_of_tatoo":"it does not have",
 "where_in_body":"it does not have",
 "color_of_tatoo":"it does not have",
 "scar":"Left arm",


 "main_crime":"female violence",

Sample of Payload in Datalake


collection not_fruit_user

> db.not_fruit_user.findOne()
        "_id" : ObjectId("61a80938f9fae20940d6d7a9"),
        "payload" : {
                "personal_information" : {
                        "first_name" : "Kimberly",
                        "last_name" : "Thompson",
                        "gender" : "F",
                        "race" : "Dwarf",
                        "birthday" : "1996-11-11",
                        "age" : "25"
                "physical_characteristics" : {
                        "has_disability" : "no deficiency",
                        "color_hair" : "Blue",
                        "color_skill" : "WHITE",
                        "scar" : "Back",
                        "color_eyes" : "Blue"
                "social_characteristics" : {
                        "security_social_number" : "740-38-7150",
                        "phone" : "+1-705-306-4346x28383",
                        "sketch" : ""

collection fruit_user

> db.fruit_user.findOne()
        "_id" : ObjectId("61a8143e22cbec6d05f38f4e"),
        "payload" : {
                "personal_characteristics" : {
                        "first_name" : "Kenneth",
                        "last_name" : "Brady",
                        "gender" : "M",
                        "race" : "Skypiea",
                        "birthday" : "2000-05-28",
                        "age" : "21"
                "fruit_characteristics" : {
                        "type_of_fruit" : "Logia",
                        "fruit_name" : "Bismuth\t Bismuth\t no Mi",
                        "fruit_category" : "Dangerous",
                        "number_times_resurrected" : "2"
                "job_characteristics" : {
                        "job" : "Swordsman",
                        "current_job" : "YES",
                        "contracting_company" : "Williams, Wilson and Patterson",
                        "start_date" : "1954/09/01",
                        "year_working_time" : "67",
                        "initial_salary" : "4058.0",
                        "current_wage" : "4423.22"
                "physical_characteristics" : {
                        "type_of_tatoo" : "it does not have",
                        "where_in_body" : "it does not have",
                        "color_of_tatoo" : "it does not have",
                        "color_eyes" : "Red",
                        "color_hair" : "Red",
                        "has_disability" : "no deficiency"
                "social_characteristics" : {
                        "security_social_number" : "151-48-5282",
                        "phone" : "+1-842-853-5857",
                        "sketch" : ""
                "rewards_informations" : {
                        "main_crime" : "Tax evasion",
                        "code_crime" : "9",
                        "tax_collected_government" : 29491.37,
                        "debt_with_government" : "25393.37",
                        "rewards" : "968090.23"


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