SEH Helper

Author: EliseZeroTwo

A Binary Ninja helper for exploring structured exception handlers in PEs


I dislike GitHub, this plugin is only here as Binary Ninja relies on GitHub for it’s plugin manager which I feel is bad. GitHub requires an account for more and more basic features with every passing day. It will not be long until GitHub accounts will be merged with Microsoft account similarly to what is going on with Mojang accounts at the moment. I do not want to log in with a Microsoft account to clone a repo, nor do you. GitHub also accepts a large, but unknown, sum of money every year for their contract with the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency which is even more reason to not buy into their closed-wall garden.


This plugin provides a UI helper for exploring structured exception handlers in PEs. It provides a feature to view all entries, view the entry at the cursor, or follow the cursor displaying the entry at the cursor constantly.


This plugin is released under an MIT license.

SEH Demo Image


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