type of plays possible

  1. player vs computer
  2. player vs player
  3. computer vs computer

game is built with 4 objects classes 2.board 3.player 5.super_computer (in progress)

game class

game class contains game logic

methods in game class

  1. who_is_next
  2. strike
  3. sync_both_boards
  4. update_score
  5. winner
  6. gameover

board class

board class contains single method and is main objective is to hold board data

methods in the board class


player class

player classs is the player object which contain name , score, input to the game

Methods in the player class

  1. game_input

computer class

computer class is same as player object but the computer class takes the input all by itself using ‘random.choice’

Methods in the computer class

  1. c_input

super_computer class

super_Computer class is the same as computer class but it is made for winning game unlike computer class which just inputs random number in the allowed numbers

methods in the super_computer class in progress


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