Blender PCOY (Pantone Color of the Year) and MCMC (Mid-Century Modern Colors)



Download the latest ZIPs from Releases or grab and from the repo.

Install via Edit > Preferences > Add-ons > Install….


PCOY creates a Panel named Pantone Color of the Year under 3D Viewport > Sidebar > PCOY.

MCMC creates a Panel named Mid-Century Modern Colors under 3D Viewport > Sidebar > MCMC.
Select an Object in your view, and click a button to assign that color to it.

Set the Rename Material checkbox to True to update the Material Name.

Caveats & Warnings

This add-on does one very specific thing:

It sets the Base Color of the Principled BSDF Shader node specifically named "Principled BSDF" -- which is created by default with all new Materials -- to a custom color. It also sets the Object's Viewport Display Color to the same color.

This add-on will only affect the Active Material of the Currently Selected Object.

The operation will fail if:

  • No Object is selected
  • The Active Object has no Material
  • The Active Material does not include a Principled BSDF Shader named "Principled BSDF"


The PMOY colors can be too harsh and saturated for large objects, but some of them pop nicely when used for details. Or use them as a starting point, and tweak them into something better. Cut the saturation by 50-75% and see what you get.

I use Sand Dollar a lot. The Ugliest Color in the World is nice for for dirt, cracks, or crevices.

The MCMC colors are rather nice just as they are.