Viewport scrub timeline

Move in the timeline directly in viewport and snap to nearest keyframe

Note : This standalone feature will be added in the native add-on Grease Pencil Tools (Starting 2.93)

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Pop-up a timeline in viewport so you can reduce mouse travel distance (or work full screen) Available in following editors: 3D viewport, Movie Clip and VSE

Viewport scrubbing in time

Viewport timeline : Alt + MMB (middle mouse button) (default)

Use addon preference to customize shortcut, display colors and behavior.

Use designated shortcut in viewport to call the temporary timeline and scrub

Snap to nearest keyframe : While scrubbing, use a modifier key not used as trigger or Right click (Left if you use Right as trigger)



  • Now respect “limit to frame range” option if activated


  • UI: added keyframe display option and reorganise
  • fix: Changed addon pref color to gamma corrected
  • code: refactor for easier merge with GP tools
    • renamed props
    • Separate addon prefs draw and properties


  • fix: bug when HUD is disabled


  • feat: Added native scrub with in timeline editors with addon defined shortcut (Same ops as shift Right mouse):
    • Dopesheet
    • Graph Editor
    • NLA Editor
    • Sequencer
    • ! not in Clip Graph Editor Where the behavior is broken…
  • Added preference option to enable/disable shortcut propagation in timeline editors


  • fix: VSE display now working as expected (HUD on preview window)
  • feat: add bracket style lines to display frame range
  • fix: hide the misleading keyframe icon on start/end frame range


  • feat: Custom Keymapping change:

    • Modal ops to choose shortcut by pressing it
    • Customisable shortcut allowed (both mouse or keyboard)
  • cleanup: Removed all swapping conditions between mouse and key

  • UI: rearrange by category

  • doc: update infos


  • Added support to scrub in VSE and Movie clip editor:
    • Movie clip OK
    • Disable HUD in VSE for now. get wrong screen coordinates in preview window


  • feat: Mouse + modifier shortcut (enabled by default):
    • Automatically change snap key to unused modifiers and click


  • perf: Improved drawing performance (thanks to J.Fran Matheu for his answers on this)

    • Prepare static drawing batches in invoke
    • Use a more appropriate GPU preset for drawing lines
  • UI: Less distractive display

    • Reduced overall lines heights and changed default playhead color to blue.
    • Exposed lines heights in addon prefs (for testing purpose, might stay if interesting to customize)
  • Cleanup: Removed custom timeline placement (top/bottom)

  • fix: Overlapping texts when user ui scale is bigger than default

  • doc: Marked as WIP in bl_infos


  • feat: Display keyframes on timeline

  • feat: Consider objects key (non-GP object)

  • new pref: Consider GP objet key for snapping/display (defaut=True)

  • fix: Allow “empty” scrubbing (when there is no active object)

  • fix: Problem with onion skin auto-hide whne using Esc to go back to init frame

  • doc: Better readme with demo gif


  • fix: display HUD/OSD only in active viewport

  • fix: non blocking error with an uninitialized frame variable

  • disable onion skin during the modal


  • fix: corrected an offset bug in time when viewport used was not leftmost in screen


  • Base text overlay dpi according to user settings

  • Snap mode on left click + continuous press


  • initial commit