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ActionPoser is a rigging addon for Blender Currently the main feature is creation of action constraint driven rigging. A bone’s transform channel or any other property can be used to drive action constraints.

Action Poser

Poses List

This section contains the list of existing poses and has some useful operators to manipulate them. Hover over buttons to read what they do.

Execute – purges all existing poses and builds everything. Press this button whenever you make changes to the setup

Purge – removes all existing poses from the rig

Pose List


Adjust what type of pose to create, and how it will be driven. Currently only the Pose type is supported, which is an action constraint driven setup.

Target can be driven by a Bone, or a Property. For the property type, paste any data path into the field. Must be a single value property, no vectors. Min and Max define at which range the pose will be activated

Pose List Pose List


Set and adjust target action values. Action will be played back in the range of star-end frame, based on the pose driver’s min and max values When Edit Action is pressed, the armature state gets reset to remove any bone transformations that are not part of the action. Once editings is finished, press the button again to restore the state.

Pose List Pose List


Here you can define which bones will be part of the pose.

Pose List Pose List


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