Telegram Channel Blocker Bot

Channel go away!

This bot is used to delete and ban message sent by channel

How this appears?

The reason this appears please see this contest hosted by Telegram

channels.sendAsPeers peers:Vector<Peer> chats:Vector<Chat> users:Vector<User> = channels.SendAsPeers;




channels.getSendAs peer:InputPeer = channels.SendAsPeers;

In the contest, Telegram added few new APIs. One of them is channels.sendAsPeers.

This API can send message as a channel peer.

This changes applied in both Development and Production server,

but in Production this behaves were limited. (Only channel admin can send as a channel peer)

Later (07-12-2021), Telegram released a new update that normal user can do the same thing, as they are owner of the channel peer.

So this bot is invented to solve this problem.

Currently, (07-12-2021) Telegram didn’t add those APIs in the official Schema.


Pre requirements:

  • (Optional) virtual environment (venv)
  • Python 3.8+ (pypy should also support, but not tested.)

This project uses poetry to install dependencies.

Please install poetry globally by using pip install poetry

$ poetry init

Using version ^X.X.X for loguru
Using version ^X.X.X for Pyrogram
Using version ^X.X.X for TgCrypto

Updating dependencies
Resolving dependencies...

Writing lock file

Package operations: 8 installs, 0 updates, 0 removals

  • Installing async-lru (X.X.X)
  • Installing colorama (X.X.X)
  • Installing pyaes (X.X.X)
  • Installing pysocks (X.X.X)
  • Installing win32-setctime (X.X.X)
  • Installing loguru (X.X.X)
  • Installing pyrogram (X.X.X)
  • Installing tgcrypto (X.X.X)


How to use

Rename config.ini.example to config.ini and edit the config

Simply run this script with python3

and add it to your group, it will automatically start working.

Important note: You have to TURN OFF privacy mode for your bot via @BotFather using /setprivacy command

Note: You must give this bot permission to delete message and ban users.

Example bot

Running instance: @Auto_Block_Channel_Bot

simply add in your group and give delete message and ban user permission and there you go!

Linked group and nicked admin will be ignored


Please follow Google Python Style Guide to write code.

Before submitting pull request, please make sure your code is able to run successfully.


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