Arduino + Raspberry Pi + Unity3D + Cloud + Hyperledger

Our Mission: Keep it simple, leave no one behind.

Blockchain-Enabled Smart Sensor Framework using Augmented Reality.

Blockchain-Enabled Smart Sensor Framework using Augmented Reality.

Extended Realities for IoT. View Sensor data in 3D

This project was built to help developers create extended realities that communicate with Arduino and require the security of blockchain decentralization.

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Connect Sensors to Unity3D with the DappAR opensource framework.

  1. Confirm dependencies and parts list
  2. Sign in to your Github account
  3. Find DappAR on Github (
  4. Click "Fork"
  5. Click "Star"
  6. Join our Discord (Will return shortly)
  7. Follow us on Twitter and @mention us for a reshare!


P1 - Starter Project + Firebase + Google Cloud :white_check_mark:

Phase 1 - Complete and available now. *Canis
  1. We've Developed a Sensor Application (Python + Raspberry Pi + Arduino)

  2. Stored the Python + Raspberry Pi data into Google Firebase through Python API's

  3. Collected Data from Firebase and Displayed it in a Unity Mobile Application

  4. Displayed Data on a Static IP Address from Firebase.

Quick Set Up file contains sensors values reading code through Arduino Sensor Kit Base ports
A0,A1,A2,A3 & Also contains an Api call which is inserting data into realtime database on google firebase.

By default in Firebase connectivity we've passed our own credentials.

You can setup your own firebase on google cloud and get its credentials & replace it with our firebase credentials.

You may ask us for help at any point.


P2 - Starter Project + AWS + HyperLedger + Cardano

Phase 2 *Boysenberry

{Native Mobile Apps Development & Uploading to, The App Store and Google Play using Augmented & Virtual Reality (AR & VR), AWS (Amazon Web Server & Services) & Hyperledger + Cardano} *Contact us for specifics using [email protected] - otherwise we will release all phase 2 assets, source code + notes around Oct 01 2021


P3 - Azure + Hyperledger + Socket IO + User Management + Scalability

Phase 3 *Ghostberry

This phase will roll out our private repo for developers and enterprise customers who want to publish an app without the source code being public. It will also include user management for multiple Arduino compatible devices and the use of Azure + Hyperledger + Socket IO


P4 - Robotics Response

Phase 4 *Huckleberry

Robotics will focus on the robotics response to Arduino sensor values and AR triggers.