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BlueHawk 1.0 HTTP Server

BlueHawk is an HTTP/1.1 compliant web server.

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? About

This project is done as a part of Computer Networks course. It aims at the implementation of the HTTP/1.1 Protocol based on RFC 2616 and includes the basic HTTP methods of GET, POST, PUT, DELETE and HEAD.


  1. Python 3.x

For installing necessary dependencies run the following command:

$ pip3 install -r dependencies.txt

? Usage

Follow the given steps to run the server

$ cd src
$ bash

This will run the server on a default port defined in the file. You can customize the configuration by editing the config file in the src/ directory. Options available in the config file are:

  1. DOCUMENT_ROOT : The document root directory of the server that will serve the requests
  2. TIMEOUT : The Timeout value for the response
  3. PORT : The port on which the server will listen
  4. MAX_CONNECTIONS : The maximum number of parallel connections that the server should serve
  5. KEEP_ALIVE : Time for which a connection is to be kept alive

To stop the server press Ctrl-C

To get more information about the server, run the file with -i option

$ cd src
$ bash -i

? Testing the server

A script file will perform automated testing of the server for all implemented methods and status codes along with multithreading. It will save the expected response along with received response in results.txt file. You can browse through the file to understand the differences if there are any.

For testing, run the following command in a new terminal window (Note: Make sure that the server is up and running in another window)

$ bash

It will take a minute to complete all the tests (Note: Some test cases might fail because of If-Match and If-Modified headers as those values are changed when you clone the repo)

You can also add your own test cases in the request.txt file and expected correct response in the file

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