A command line utility for bookmarking files for quick access

With it you can:

  • Bookmark and delete your (aliases of) files at demand
  • Launch them and use them in pipes like regular files!

    booky booky_source -o | code -

  • Cat them
  • Move their file locations

Basically, Booky has the following options:

  -e ENV, --env ENV     Environment that will be used for the bookmarks
  -a ALIAS, --add ALIAS, --alias ALIAS
                        Bookmarks new file or updates existing one
  -r, --remove          Remove a bookmarked file under current environment
  -o, --output          Show file/dir output (cat file or list dir)
  -p, --path            Show current file/alias'es path
  -l, --list, --list-env
                        Lists every alias in current environment

(yes, i did just copy the “-h” arg, its a great description imo!)


This application was just made for fun, most likely it won’t be the most optimized or even the best thing you could use, I made it for fun, if it actually helps you, that’s great!

  • Please report issues whenever this app breaks! I’ll try to fix them ASAP


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