RSS Aggregator for Web3 (or 🥩 RAW for short)

Bootstrapping your personal Web3 info hub from more than 500 RSS Feeds.

What is RSS or Reader Services?

RSS is a standard for contents feeds. Any website supporting this standard can be permissionless aggregated to RSS Reader Service or Apps.

“RSS to Reader” is just like “ERC-20 to Uniswap”.

How to use 🥩 RAW? Just 4 steps.

  1. Download the the latest RAW.opml file from this repo.
  2. Choose your favorite RSS service or apps. (I strongly recommend NetNewsWire as a frest start because it’s totally free and open sourced.)
  3. Import this OPML to your apps/services.
  4. Syncing and Done!

How to find/add new feeds?

Medium, Github, Substack, Mirror, Ghost are natively support RSS.

For example,

For other sites or sources, you can find many great tutorials from ALL About RSS or RSSHub.

How many feeds I can find in 🥩 RAW?

You can find the full list here. Breakdown:

  • Direct source from projects: 300+ Feeds
    • Including product announcements/updates from L1/L2 Chains, Web3 DApps, Developer Tools.
  • GitHub updates: 120+ Feeds
    • Including code releases or smart contract upgrades from L1/L2 Chains, Web3 DApps, Developer Tools.
  • Media/Curator/Aggregator: 10+ Feeds
    • Including press or content aggregator like CoinDesk, Messari.
  • Newsletters: 10+ Feeds
    • Including weekly newsletters like Week in Ethereum, Bitcoin Optech.
  • Research/VCs: 30+ Feeds
    • Indluding deep dive research or analysis contents from independent researchers or VCs.
  • Others: 2 Feeds
    • Including forum, communities.

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